Thursday, August 21, 2008

Full term

This week, we reach full term.

I find that SF's and my worries have diverged a bit at this point. SF is afraid that something will go wrong during the delivery. I am worried that the delivery will go fine but the world will end.

Seriously. I mean, come on. I know it's crazy. But all of those scary little news stories that the media publishes -- "ha ha ha! this could cause big problems!" -- don't leave my mind so easily just now.

Case in point

Did the start date have to be my due date?

I guess I'm just not ready for things to end just as it seems like they're about to get good.

In saner news, most things are going well. Everything important is going well. The wallpaper border fell off the wall of the nursery, but we'll work that out. We have basically what we need to care for a baby at the start. In theory, anyway. All we have to do is wait on here.

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