Friday, April 25, 2008

Ultrasound done

Everything seems to be okay, and we've learned the little tyke is The Fetus Formerly Known
As Embryo #14.


So, our 20-week ultrasound is this afternoon. Nervous as all get out.

Every previous big test felt like it was a hurdle we had to get through so that everything would feel "normal". And what happens every time is we are happy for a day or two, and then we fall right back to grim hope again. As a result, I'm not really hoping today will make me feel better about things; I'm mostly praying it doesn't make me feel worse.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Still hanging in there ...

There really isn't much going on. I'm finding that, although it is fun and somewhat reassuring (in the absence of an anatomy scan) to watch my belly grow, I still have trouble believing there's anything inside it. We don't seem to be people who talk to -- or even much about -- "the baby." Maybe that comes later. Like in September.

There have been a few little fluttery motions, but given some of the other effects of pregnancy, I'm hesitant to attribute them to anything but gas until they feel more like a right hook than a butterfly.