Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beware o an Aberdonian

As of this evening, we've ordered enough Gonal-F to trigger the quantity discount. That's right -- 6 free pens and a free Ovidrel syringe, bringing the total for drugs for this cycle to a mere $1100. Woo! We still had to pay for four pens and the Ganirelix. Oh, and the Progesterone gel, but that's left over from my last failed pregnancy.

It's as close to clipping coupons as infertility treatment gets. If this results in a child, we'll have to give her a good Scottish name.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Keep moving forward

I should perhaps count myself lucky that this summer was as busy as it was. There was no time to dwell on miscarrying for the third time, no time to obsess over our current plan of action (one more round of shots instead of moving on to IVF), no time to do anything other than work, clean up from work, and plan for the next bit of work. From June until August, I ran 5-6 children's programs per week. When that ended, it was time to prepare for my workplace's upcoming renovation, which means moving my office and clearing all of the library materials off of the mezzanine.

Did I mention the two out-of-town, in-the-wedding-party weddings in two weeks? And that my in-laws and newly-expecting SIL and BIL were staying at our house while we were out of state for the second wedding? So it had to be -- erm -- cleanish? (That turned out to be one of the blessings in disguise: we spent FIVE HOURS cleaning before leaving for Chicago, which meant that we actually came home to a clean house for once. It's nice.)

And did I mention that I finally got my period? I started spotting on about CD 63, two days before wedding #1, and that continued until the witch showed up in full, two hours before wedding #2. What was that I said about at least one crampy afternoon in a bridesmaid dress? Oh yes. And this was a port-a-john wedding.

The dress was red, eh, so how bad could it get?

Anyway, that's where we are now. I've begun a pack of birth control, after discussing again with the pharmacist that I do in fact have a reason for taking both BC and prenatals. Soon I will call the doctor and ask for a prescription for the next round of shots. If we're lucky, he won't have any unpleasant surprises for us. And even though he's been talking to other doctors to get their opinions on treating us, I don't hold out much hope that they've got some great idea he hasn't thought of.

I think, though, that this is probably our last round of injectables, our last chance to conceive a child in our home rather than in a hospital. But still -- I am thankful, truly, that this isn't our last chance at anything; only a few short years of science ago, we would have long past run out of treatment options.